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It’s Time to Consider Converting
to a Roth IRA

I’ve never met a client who wants to pay more in taxes. But as the cliché goes, you sometimes must take a step backwards to take two steps forward. Converting part or all of your traditional IRA funds to a Roth IRA might cause some short-term pain – but it could be a very good strategy for you and your heirs. Even if you’ve considered a conversion in the past and discarded

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Is The U.S. Economy Entering a Deflationary Boom?

Under Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve set a policy of targeting inflation at 2%. Bernanke is apparently a dedicated student of the Great Depression, which brought extreme deflation to the U.S. in the early 1930’s – the “bad” kind of deflation where people don’t spend money. Bernanke joked about dumping cash out of helicopters, if necessary, to avoid deflation (I know, central bankers aren’t that funny). But a 2% inflation target

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Beware The Media Headlines

The media was blaring the bad news headlines again last week. It can be comical when you step back from it – but it becomes tragic when investors actually take action based on the media. Below, I have listed headlines from just two days in the Wall Street Journal last week – that’s right, only two days. If you didn’t know better, you would think that the planet was heading into

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No Love for this Bull Market

AWall Street Journal ran an article on July 9th titled “Investors Buy Bonds Even as Stocks Rally.” The article begins “Individual investors are helping power the rally in U.S. government [bonds], a sign many remain cautious…” It continues, “The surge in demand is especially notable because investors tend to buy bonds when they are worried...” Apparently, a net $316 billion has been added to taxable-bond mutual funds through May of this

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