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The Roth Opportunity is Knocking

It’s very difficult to watch the value of your portfolio decline. We’re all feeling that pain right now. But please don’t overlook a potential opportunity – imagine a substantially lower tax bill in the future. Have you thought about moving funds from your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Nobody likes to volunteer for a tax bill - the amount “converted” must be included in your taxable income. However, once the

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Please…Just Give Us the Bad News!

One of the main problems with markets right now is the massive uncertainty. Market participants and business leaders loathe uncertainty. They would rather hear the bad news any day over uncertainty. At least they can plan when they know how bad it is. We should start getting meaningful news – good or bad – in the next 2-3 weeks. And that news is going to be three-fold: first, we will begin

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Optimism vs. Pessimism on the COVID-19 Virus

At times, it’s easy to move between optimism and pessimism on this quickly evolving virus story. The economic impact for the next few months is going to be dramatic. A modern-day economy cannot be on lock down and “social distancing” for long without destroying wealth. But there are reasons for hope in the stories below. Please remember that an optimist and a pessimist show up every day in the stock market.

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A Brief History of Flus and Viruses in the U.S.

As fear works its way through financial markets, it might be helpful to review a brief history on pandemics to help keep things in perspective. Spanish Flu of 1918-19 The world was a different place in 1918. Europe was ravaged by World War I, and antibiotics had not yet been discovered. The flu is a virus, but people often die from secondary complications caused by bacterial pneumonia. The Spanish Flu killed

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The Coronavirus

Like me, you’re an investor - and you’re probably concerned. That’s understandable. This virus is troubling on many levels, and the media is now very focused on this story. But as an investor, we believe in people and entrepreneurs, we believe in their ideas, and we believe that human creativity and ingenuity can solve the most vexing of human problems. Collectively, we’re pretty darn good. And a lot of smart people

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Be of Good Cheer!

Investors should be of good cheer! The long-term, “secular” bull market in U.S. stocks that began in March of 2009 continued as diversified portfolios of both stocks and bonds performed very well last year. Even international stocks piled on with some gains. The years 2018 and 2019 are an interesting case study on why you probably shouldn’t get too focused on “the economy” to make your investment decisions. The economic data

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It’s Time to Consider Converting
to a Roth IRA

I’ve never met a client who wants to pay more in taxes. But as the cliché goes, you sometimes must take a step backwards to take two steps forward. Converting part or all of your traditional IRA funds to a Roth IRA might cause some short-term pain – but it could be a very good strategy for you and your heirs. Even if you’ve considered a conversion in the past and discarded

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