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Some Perspective on Recent Record High Closes

All three major stock market indexes hit a record on the same day recently on March 21st. Those three indexes are the S&P 500, the NASDAQ, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This was the first time all three indexes hit a record high on the same day since November 8, 2021. You might therefore be wondering about what this means for stock prices going forward. I know that some of you

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The Little Engine That Could – Will Small Caps Rally This Year and Deliver?

When my kids were little, one of their favorite books was The Little Engine That Could. Against all odds, that Little Engine climbed the hill and pulled the heavy load over the mountain. It wasn’t always assured that the Little Engine would make it, but it got there. It kind of feels the same with smaller public companies in markets these days – often referred to as “small caps”. The large company

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Strong Rally at Year End – Have We Turned a Corner?

Both stock and bond markets rallied strongly the last two months at year-end. Even the beaten down small and mid-sized companies finally rallied, too (though they remain well below their all-time highs). Inflation is retreating, and the Federal Reserve has indicated that they will most likely begin cutting the federal funds rate in 2024. Regardless of whether we’ve turned a corner, it seems safe to say that the rate-hiking by the

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Mid-Year Update – Stocks Surprise to the Upside

The pessimists have had plenty to talk about the last 18 months. Coming into 2023, the general consensus was that we were headed for recession, perhaps a nasty one, and that stock prices would remain under pressure. That hasn’t happened. If the Federal Reserve continues to raise the short-term interest rate, a nasty recession could still arrive. But it’s fair to say that the economy has handled the higher interest rates

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The Good, Bad, and the Ugly Continue in Markets

The last 18-month period has probably been the most difficult economic environment I have seen in my adult life – if nothing else for the length of time that market forces have been battling each other.  As mentioned in a prior note, you are forgiven if you’re feeling some volatility fatigue.  But don’t despair, good things are happening, and I think we’re closer to the end than the beginning of this

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LPL Does Not Own a Bank – and What Happened at Silicon Valley Bank

After my last email on Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), I received several questions inquiring more specifically why SVB failed (and why are the other banks such a concern). Before addressing that, I want to emphasize that unlike some other broker-dealers, LPL does not own a bank.  Any banking services offered through LPL are offered through contractual arrangements with outside banks.  Therefore, LPL does not have the same risk exposure that other

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Volatility Fatigue…and Now a Bank Failure

The S&P 500 peaked almost 15 months ago and still remains nearly 20% below that peak. Moreover, the bear market in the more aggressive growth stocks began 25 months ago in February of 2021. Given those facts, you’re forgiven if you’re starting to feel some “volatility fatigue”. And now the 16th largest bank in the country failed. Where do things go from here? The honest answer is that it’s unknowable where

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