The Coronavirus

Like me, you’re an investor – and you’re probably concerned. That’s understandable. This virus is troubling on many levels, and the media is now very focused on this story. But as an investor, we believe in people and entrepreneurs, we believe in their ideas, and we believe that human creativity and ingenuity can solve the most vexing of human problems. Collectively, we’re pretty darn good. And a lot of smart people are motivated to solve this problem. So please keep the long-term in mind. Your investments are matched to the time when you will need the funds (i.e., stocks for long-term goals – cash and bonds for shorter-term needs).

Nobody knows where this ends up, and uncertainty doesn’t mix well with markets. But here is what I do know – making investment decisions based in fear or reacting to media headlines has historically been a very bad idea. I believe this story will ultimately end in similar fashion, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be days when our faith is tested. Fear of loss and deprivation are powerful forces.

I know it can be difficult to keep the faith. But over time, investors have been rewarded for staying invested through difficult times. My sense is that our faith will again be rewarded. In the meantime, I cheerfully welcome your concerns and questions – I am only a phone call away.